About Ganriser

On March 11th, 2011, the most powerful earthquake struck the Tohoku region of Japan. The quake and resulting tsunami left many areas of Iwate devastated. In October, TV Iwate debuted “Iron Hero, Ganriser,” bringing joy and hope to the children of Iwate. In 2014, after three successful seasons, the series was rebooted as “Ganriser NEO,” featuring a director and actors from Iwate.

In addition to the broadcast series, Ganriser live action shows and meet-and-greets occur every weekend, in ongoing efforts to aid in Iwate’s recovery.







In ages past, the demon Rasetsu terrorized a village in northern Japan. The people of the village prayed to the god Mitsuishi for protection. Mitsuishi trapped Rasetsu in a circle of three standing stones, releasing him only when he promised to never bother the people again. Rasetsu left his hand print on one of the stones at Mitsuishi Shrine, signifying his promise and giving Iwate its name.

Now that people have forgotten about demons and other mystical creatures, Rasetsu has returned, seeking revenge for his banishment!

Guided by the spirit Zashiki Warashi Bokko, who appears from a smartphone, Kozukata Joe, Mitsuishi Jin, and Hitakami Arata become Ganriser! The blood of demons flows through their veins, giving them the power to fight Rasetsu and his minions.

Is the time for humans to share the world with these otherworldly creatures approaching…?







Kozukata Joe
Ganriser 1

Mitsuishi Jin
Ganriser 2

Hitakami Arata
Ganriser NEO


Pakka Taisa 
A river spirit. He wants to return Iwate to its natural state, before humans came.


A fox spirit. She hates humans and their self-indulgent ways.

A demon from legend, returned after 1,000 years.

The king of demons and spirits. He aims to rule our world as well.